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Restore Faded Vinyl Siding and Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Restored Vinyl Siding Improves Curb Appeal

Restored Vinyl Siding Improves Curb Appeal

SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! The average builders’ grade vinyl siding is over $4 per square foot installed.  The cost to restore faded vinyl siding is 34 cents per square foot buying our Vinyl Renu™ in a five gallon pail.  Restore faded vinyl siding for a fraction of the cost of replacement siding?  It  just makes sense.

Vinyl Renu™ will restore faded vinyl siding with results that last for up to 10 years. Even new replacement vinyl siding will fade again after a few years.  Vinyl Renu™ will continue hold your siding’s beautiful color for up to a decade*.

Vinyl Renu™ will restore your faded and oxidized vinyl siding, aluminum siding, painted siding and even cement board to a like new color and luster.

Vinyl Siding Restoration

Before and after image of restored faded vinyl siding

The Best Way to Restore Vinyl Siding

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Restore with Renu $0.34/SF-Easy DIY $489.95 1-2 Days Beauty Lasts Up to a Decade
Replace Vinyl Siding $4.50/SF+ $7875.00 4-6 Days May Fade in under 5 Years
Paint Vinyl Siding $1.50/SF-Paint Plus Labor $3,000.00 2-4 Days May Fade in as Little as 3 Years
Armor All® NOT RECOMMENDED Significant Labor 1-2 Days May Cause Visual Damage to Siding
Image of How to Restore Faded Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding Restoration In Progress

Restoring faded Vinyl Siding with Vinyl Renu can save you significant time and money.  The above are estimates based on national averages.  Costs and savings may vary be region or location.

Restore Vinyl Siding to Increase the Value of Your Home

According to the 2012-2013 Realtor Magazine January issue, replacing your vinyl siding yields a whopping 72.9% return of your investment.  Using Vinyl Renu, however, will save you thousands.  And, give your existing siding the appearance of having been replaced.  Realtor Magazine reports that the average cost to replace vinyl siding is over $11,000.  The cost to restore the same 2500 square feet is only a few hundred dollars.

The potential savings of $7,000 is your next cruise… your next ski trip…your new PVC deck.  The chart below shows the return of investment on replacing siding from Realtor Magazine.  Restore faded vinyl siding using Vinyl Renu and put money in your pocket while improving the curb appeal of your home or property.

Pennies Per Square Foot For Vinyl Siding Restoration

New Vinyl Siding  $11,192.00  $ 8,154.00  $489.95 $7,664.05

The last two columns highlight that using Vinyl Renu to restore faded vinyl siding may yield over $7000.00 profit upon selling your home.  These are estimates based on national averages.  Vinyl Renu will improve the curb appeal of your home, however, each home and location is unique and actual returns on investment will vary and may be higher or lower than above.

Vinyl Renu: The Fast and Easy Way to Restore Vinyl Siding

Like New Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl Renu is also the best product to restore faded vinyl shutters and other surfaces

The Vinyl Renu DIY Kit or the Contractor Kit (for larger homes) comes with everything you need to restore faded vinyl siding.  Both come with our professional grade vinyl siding cleaner that removes oxidation, bug stains, mold and algae stains and other unsightly stains on your siding.  Both also come with our Vinyl Renu vinyl siding restorer.                                                   Buy NowRESTORE BEAUTY TO YOUR HOME NOW!

To restore vinyl siding with Vinyl Renu eliminates the extreme expense and headache of replacement vinyl siding.  It is also significantly less work than painting your vinyl siding as there is no priming or taping (we suggest covering any glass).  Finally, to restore vinyl siding using Vinyl Renu will hold the beautiful color of your siding much longer than replacement siding and painting your siding.

To restore vinyl siding with Vinyl Renu requires only a quality brush or airless sprayer and the desire to bring back the beauty of your home you fell in love with.


Restore Faded Vinyl Siding Professionally

DOUBLE OR TRIPLE YOUR REVENUE.  Significantly improve your sales and profits by adding a service to restore vinyl siding to your business.  Our professional customers have reported a significant increase to their bottom line with no additional equipment purchases and little or no additional advertising expense.  Vinyl Renu is a proven product with nearly a decade in the field and millions of square feet restored. Grow your company and make your customers happy! Get the facts on how Shutter Renu and Vinyl Renu can work for you.

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* If applied according to the manufacturers instructions.  Cleaning the siding with a garden hose every 6-12 months will increase the performance life span of Vinyl Renu.  Performance may be reduced in extreme environments.  OneSource Organics does not warranty, express or implied, the performance of Vinyl Renu and is only liable for the purchase price of the product.

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