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Best Way to Clean Vinyl Siding

Best Way to Clean Vinyl Siding Starts with Vinyl Renu Cleaner Concentrate

Oxidation causes your vinyl siding to look faded and white or chalky. This chalkiness is actually titanium dioxide. It is released as your vinyl degrades from UV exposure. It logically follows that the best way to clean vinyl siding is to remove this oxidation. Vinyl Renu Cleaner Concentrate is designed specifically for this job. In fact, it is such a good vinyl siding cleaner that major vinyl siding manufacturers have used it, tested it and recommend it.

Removes More than Oxidation

Vinyl Renu Cleaner Concentrate is a comprehensive vinyl siding cleaning solution. It not only removes oxidation, but also helps in removing mold, mildew and algae stains, and prepares the surface, should you decide to restore color to your faded vinyl siding using a vinyl siding restorer like Vinyl Renu.

Cleans a Large Area

Vinyl Renu Cleaner is a concentrate that dilutes up to10:1 ratio. It means you can use it on a large area. Because it is concentrated, you can dilute it less for badly oxidized or stained siding. You can even use it as strong as 3:1.


The Concentrated cleaner is designed to be used on all vinyl siding. It also works on siding not made of vinyl such as Hardie/cement board, stucco, cedar shake and even brick. But don’t limit yourself to just using it to clean your siding, you can also use the cleaner on virtually any surface, including metal siding, aluminum siding, shutters, front doors, garage doors, decks and patio furniture.

Tough on Stains

If your faded vinyl siding is extremely faded dilute to as strong as 3:1 ratio for a stronger formula. You can also couple that with non-scratch scouring pad to remove more oxidation.

Professional Grade

Use what the professionals use. Vinyl Renu is used in work settings by professional cleaners some of whom have increased their profit 300 percent for each job after adding Vinyl Renu Restorer Now available in DIY packaging.

Ensure the Oxidation is Removed from Your Faded Vinyl Siding — Use Vinyl Renu Cleaner Concentrate and the Nail Scratch Test

The best way to clean vinyl siding is with Vinyl Renu’s vinyl siding cleaner.  

After you have cleaned your faded vinyl siding and it is dry, perform the Nail Scratch Test to ensure quality. It’s easy.

Simply scratch the siding with your nail. If there is still a significant mark on the vinyl, you have not removed all the oxidation. A very faint mark is alright, but a very visible mark means that you should repeat the cleaning process. 

Tips: Use Only A Premium Cleaner Designed For Vinyl Siding, Work in 100 SF sections. Start At The Bottom And Work Up. Use A Pump Spray To Apply Cleaner. Allow The Cleaner To Sit 10-15 Minutes.

Tricks: Using A Pressure Washer Can Damage Siding. Use The Jet Setting On A Hose End Sprayer. To Rinse, Take The Sprayer Off And Use Lots Of Water.

Recommendations: Restore Color And Shine, Protect Your Siding And Reduce Yearly Cleaning By Applying A Restorer/Protectant Like Vinyl Renu.

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