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Environmentally Friendly Vinyl Siding Cleaner and Restorer

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The health and well-being of our families, friends, and planet was a major consideration during the development of our vinyl siding cleaner products.
Although achieving “beautiful siding that looks like new” was our primary goal, we knew from the very beginning that to be acceptable to ourselves and climate-conscious homeowners the product would have be a net gain for the environment.

We also knew that Vinyl Renu™ would be available to property owners, and not just professionals. So we went the extra mile to ensure neither the Concentrate nor the Cleaner was hazardous to families and pets. Although, like with all cleaning and care products, please keep children and pets away.

Another reason to put so much effort in making Vinyl Renu™ environment friendly was the landfill. Each year millions of square feet of siding ends up in landfills. We wanted to empower homeowners so they could do something about it. By using our vinyl siding cleaning and restoration products, property owners can reduce tremendous amounts of vinyl siding thrown away annually.

If you are reading this page, it means you care about the Earth. It is for people like you, who desire beautiful siding without damaging the environment, that Vinyl Renu™ was created. You may be curious about our products and how they relate to your family’s health that we have compiled this short list of Q&As. Read them. In case you don’t find the answer you were seeking, feel free to email us ([email protected]) or call us at 267-614-5284.

Is Vinyl Renu™ hazardous?

No, Vinyl Renu™ does not pose a significant health risk under normal use. You can request a material safety data sheet (MSDS) if you want to learn more.
Having said that, here are some of the precautions you should take to stay safe:

1.  You should always read the label of any home cleaning or maintenance product, and Vinyl Renu™ is not an exception.
2.  Keep Vinyl Renu™ away from children and pets.
3.  Vinyl Renu™ can be harmful or fatal if swallowed.
4.  Please carefully read the label and follow the instructions.

Is Vinyl Renu™ low VOC?

Yes, it is. We care about the environment. When we designed Vinyl Renu™, we wanted it to be the most environmentally friendly option for restoring faded vinyl siding. As such, it meets all known environmental VOC standards.

Is Vinyl Renu™ Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, to our knowledge Vinyl Renu™ products are the most environment-friendly vinyl siding cleaning and restoration products on market. They prevents millions of square feet of siding from entering landfills.

Will I be Helping the Environment by Using Vinyl Renu™ to Restore my Faded Vinyl Siding?

Certainly! About 18 million pounds of post-consumer vinyl are recycled annually, according to the Vinyl Siding Institute. That still leaves out a huge amount that ends up in landfills. By restoring your vinyl siding, instead of replacing it, you can keep a tremendous amount of vinyl away from landfills.
We should know that significant energy is required to manufacture vinyl siding. In addition, the polymers that are used to manufacture siding and shutters are not derived from sustainable sources. They are derived from petroleum or natural gas. By using Vinyl Renu™ you will be reducing our reliance on perishable natural resources.

Are Vinyl Renu™ Cleaner and Concentrate Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, they are. .Refer to the previous to learn more how you will be helping the environment by using Vinyl Renu™.

Will Vinyl Renu™ Harm my Plants?

Diluted Vinyl Renu™ Cleaner Concentrate should not harm your plants. Small drops of Vinyl Renu™ that land on your plants should be rinsed quickly with water to prevent harm to delicate ornamental plants. If you cover your plants, do not use a clear tarp, as the tarp may harm your plants. We have had no complaints to date of Vinyl Renu™ harming plants and we have been selling it for over 10 years.

Will Vinyl Renu™ Damage my Siding, Stucco or Cement Board?

Not at all if you follow the instructions on the label. In fact, Vinyl Renu works great on all of those surfaces and will restore color and help protect them from future fading. Here are some for your reference:

1.  Vinyl Renu™ Cleaner Concentrate should be thoroughly rinsed after cleaning. Any Vinyl Renu™ that get on windows should be cleaned quickly.
2.  Vinyl Renu™ dries clear and contains no pigments so product that gets on other surfaces can be allowed to dry or rinsed with water quickly after accidental application.
3.  Keep in mind, however, that Vinyl Renu™ will restore most faded exterior surfaces so if there is a surface you do not want restored, keep the product away from that surface. Or better yet, buy a little extra and make your entire home look great.

How do I Dispose of Unused Vinyl Renu™?

Follow your local, state, and federal guidelines for disposal of water-based paints and coatings. In many areas, simply allowing small amounts of the product left in the container to dry to a solid and throwing the dried product away in your trash is OK. You must, however, follow your lLocal, Sstate and fFederal guidelines and ordinances.

How do I Dispose of Unused Renu™ Cleaner Concentrate?

Follow all local, state and federal guidelines for the disposal of water-based cleaners.

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