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Best Way to Clean Vinyl Siding

Everything (almost!) you wanted to ask and know about Vinyl Renu™ Cleaner, the ultimate cleaning solution for vinyl siding.

Is Vinyl Renu™ Cleaner Really Best Way to Clean Vinyl Siding?

Yes, Vinyl Renu™ Cleaner Concentrate is simply the best vinyl siding cleaner on the market.

It removes oxidation and chalkiness as well as mold, and algae stains. Your vinyl siding will look amazing.

• It also cleans most mold, algae, and mildew from your metal siding, aluminum siding, shutters, front doors, garage doors, and patio furniture.
• That’s a big claim but we don’t make it. Our customers tell us that and so do the major siding manufacturers that have used Vinyl Renu Cleaner.

Vinyl Renu™ Cleaner for siding is the only product, to our knowledge, that is specifically formulated for cleaning oxidation, mold, and algae stains from siding and plastics. Simply dilute the cleaner as recommended on the packaging, spray onto your faded vinyl siding, scrub, and rinse. It’s a quick, effective, and inexpensive (thus the best) way to clean vinyl siding.

How do I dilute Professional Grade Vinyl Renu™ Cleaner?

Get the best vinyl siding cleaner solution in three steps.

1. It’s simple. Get a 2-gallon garden pump sprayer
2. Put 2 quarts of Vinyl Renu Cleaner in the pump sprayer, fill it with water. That’s for tough stains or to remove lots of oxidation. For routine and simple cleaning, you can use up to 9:1.
3. You are done.

What if I can’t Get all of the Oxidation off Like in the Instructional Video?

Use Vinyl Renu™ Cleaner for siding is at 3:1 for surfaces that are highly weathered and chalky white in color. Some siding has taken a real beating from the environment and may require special treatment. Let the cleaner sit for about 10 minutes without drying and then scrub the surface. If the cleaner begins to dry, simply spray more vinyl siding cleaning solution on the area.

We also recommend using a soft abrasive dish pad made by companies like 3M for small areas, or a soft bristled brush or roto scrubber for larger areas. It will require some gentle scouring. Be cautious not to create scratch your siding by using too harsh of an abrasive or using too much force. Highly weathered siding may require a little experimentation with various cleaning pads. Don’t worry though, you will find the ideal method for your project.

When complete, ensure that all the Renu™ Cleaner is rinsed off. The siding should not feel slippery. This is a critical step.

What are Some Tips to Use Your Vinyl Siding Cleaning Products More Effectively?

Here are some techniques to get the most out of the world’s best cleaner for siding.

• Dilute Vinyl Renu™ Cleaner Concentrate according to the package or according to the severity of the job.
• Allow the cleaner to stay on the surface of the siding for about 10 minutes e without drying. repeat: Do not allow the cleaner to dry as this will increase the difficulty of rinsing the cleaner from the siding.
• Scrub the areas to be cleaned and rinse.
• Use Vinyl Renu™ Cleaner Concentrate on almost all surfaces. Our best vinyl siding cleaning solution is specifically formulated to help remove oxidation, mold, mildew, and algae from vinyl siding and aluminum siding and many other outdoor surfaces.

How Long will Professional Grade Renu™ Cleaner Last in the Bottle?

Unopened it will last one year. Once opened, please use it within six months.

How Long do the Results Last?

Our Vinyl Renu vinyl siding color restorer and protector lasts up to 10 years. Read more about that product here (https://vinylsidingcleaner.net/products/vinyl-renu-diy-kit). Depending on where you live, vinyl siding needs to be cleaned yearly to keep it looking nice and to ensure it lasts. A thorough cleaning can help keep your vinyl siding from oxidizing, developing algae or mold.

How Long will Professional Grade Renu™ Cleaner Last Once Diluted?

We do not recommend keeping diluted Professional Grade Renu™ Cleaner Concentrate for more than a few days. Longer than that may weaken its effectiveness.

How do I Clean my Siding Once Vinyl Renu™ is Applied?

You can use diluted (10:1) Professional Grade Renu™ Cleaner and a soft cloth. However, typically all that is needed is a yearly rinsing with a garden hose.

Will Professional Grade Renu™ Cleaner Concentrate clean Artillery Mold?

No. Use a razor blade to gently remove colonies, then scrub vigorously with Professional Grade Vinyl Renu™ Cleaner and a soft bristled brush. Avoid scratching the vinyl.

What is the Renu™ “Nail Scratch Test”?

After you have cleaned your siding and it is dry, scratch the vinyl siding with your fingernail. If there is still a mark on the vinyl, you have not removed all the oxidation. A very faint mark is alright, but a very visible mark means that you should repeat the cleaning process.

Can I Get my Money Back?

We take your satisfaction seriously. You may return any unused and unopened product within 30 days of the purchase with proof of purchase. We will promptly refund 100% of the purchase price, less shipping, once the product has been received at our warehouse.

Our Vinyl Renu quart kits come with a 100% satisfaction, money back guarantees. If you are not completely satisfied with the results, send us before and after pictures that clearly show your dissatisfaction and return the remaining product and we will promptly refund the purchase price less shipping. We cannot offer refunds on the gallon or larger Vinyl Renu kits. If you have issues please contact us at [email protected] and we will work with you on a case by case basis.

Is Vinyl Renu™ Environment Friendly?

By using Vinyl Renu you will be using the most environmentally friendly vinyl siding cleaning solution available to restore faded vinyl siding. It meets environmental standards, is zero voc and does not pose a significant health risk under normal use. As for disposal, simply follow the local, state and federal guidelines for disposal of water-based cleaners. As with all vinyl siding cleaning products, keep children and pets away.
Remember that by restoring your existing vinyl and shutters, you will avoid contributing to a landfill.

Can Professionals Use Vinyl Renu?

Absolutely! In facts, some of our business buyers report up to a 300 percent increase in profit after switching to Vinyl Renu. We have some special deals—such as exclusive territories—in store for professionals. Check out our Renu for Professionals page for more information.


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