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Benefits of Restoring Faded And Oxidized Vinyl Siding and Shutters

Can I use Vinyl Renu or Shutter Renu™ to protect my new shutters and keep them looking new longer?
YES. If you want to keep that new look on your recently purchased shutters, then Shutter Renu™ or Vinyl Renu is the solution for you. Shutter Renu™ is an excellent product that protects your new shutters AND protects your patio furniture, vinyl siding, aluminum siding, front door, garage doors, shutters and many more surfaces. However, we recommend purchasing a Vinyl Renu™ DIY kit for larger jobs at the time you purchase your siding, doors, patio furniture or other product.

We also strongly recommend cleaning your vinyl siding, patio furniture, front doors, garage doors and other surfaces with Vinyl Renu™ Cleaner to remove processing oils left on during the manufacturing process of your investment.

Can I use Vinyl Renu to keep my new vinyl siding from fading?

YES. Using Vinyl Renu to help resist fading of new vinyl siding will keep your siding looking beautiful for years longer than choosing not to protect it. In additional, Vinyl Renu will help resist unsightly mold and algae stains from developing on your siding. It is important to follow the instructions on the Vinyl Renu Cleaner label to remove any process oils left behind after manufacturing and please read the Vinyl Renu label and carefully follow the instructions..

How much will I save by using Vinyl Renu or Shutter Renu™?
Vinyl Renu will save you several thousand dollars over replacement siding. Please see the cost savings chart for more details You will save money by using Shutter Renu™ versus buying replacement shutters. The least expensive shutters at The Home Depot are generally $20 per pair. High quality shutters can cost over $100 per pair. The cost to Shutter Renu™ and restore faded shutters to a like new appearance is about under $5/shutter. That’s up to a 2000% savings over quality shutters.

How much will I save by Using Vinyl Renu™
It depends on the quality of siding that you want to put on your home or the quality of siding already on your home. Inexpensive siding can cost over $4.5/square foot to apply. Vinyl Renu™ costs about 15 cents per square foot to apply (when purchased in 5 gallon pails and applied at 350 SF/gallon). This can represent savings well over $7,000. For other exterior products, a typical property owner will save several times the replacement cost and often thousands of dollars.

Will Shutter Renu™ help resist mold, algae or mildew stains?
Yes. Vinyl Renu™ creates an inhospitable environment for biological growth. Please visit www.shutterrenu.com for more information on Shutter Renu.

Will Vinyl Renu™ help resist vinyl siding or siding mold, algae or mildew?
Yes. Vinyl Renu™ will help resist stains caused by the growth of mold, mildew or algae on vinyl siding, aluminum siding, metal siding, metal roofing, patio furniture and many more surfaces.

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