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How Long Will Vinyl Renu™ Last?

Vinyl Renu™ will restore the original color and protect your siding for about a decade.
Vinyl Renu™ can easily last 10 years or more. How long a product lasts dependent on the local environment and the proper application of the product. The less harsh environments produce the longest lasting results. Vinyl Renu™ was developed using the latest technology from the aerospace, automotive and marine markets. We introduced Vinyl Renu to the market over a decade ago after several years of testing.

Vinyl Renu™ has restored millions of square feet of faded vinyl siding and faded aluminum siding.

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The sun doesn’t just cause your skin to burn. It causes your siding to “burn” too. But instead of turning red, it simply breaks down and turns chalky. This process is called oxidation.

The only way to protect your skin is to add suntan lotion. Vinyl Renu™ restores the original color AND acts kinda like SPF 100 for your home.

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