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How Long Will Vinyl Renu Protect My Faded Vinyl Siding?

How long will Vinyl Renu™ protect my faded vinyl and aluminum siding?

UP TO 10 YEARS OR LONGER. Longevity of any product is dependent on the local environment and the proper application of the product. The less harsh environments produce the longest lasting results. Vinyl Renu was developed using the latest technology from the aerospace, automotive and marine markets. We introduced Vinyl Renu to the market 8 years ago after several years of testing. Properties where the product was applied according to the instructions still look fantastic 8 years later. Vinyl Renu has restored millions of square feet of faded vinyl siding and faded aluminum siding. Still not sure? That’s why we offer a money back guarantee. Please read the details of the guarantee found here.

What caused my siding to fade?
Primarily, the harsh UV rays from the sun and sometimes acid rain. Vinyl Renu™ will help prevent the UV rays reaching your restored vinyl siding or shutters keeping them beautiful for years.

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