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Professionals: Want Your Sales And Profits To Sky Rocket?

Add Vinyl Renu™ PRO To Your Service Offering. Restore faded exterior surfaces for consumers and business. Give your customers that Just Built Look


  1. No Additional Advertising Costs. Use your existing data base of happy customers.
  2. No Additional Equipment to Purchase. If you own a service business, you have the equipment.
  3. Highly Profitable. Our professional customers report up to a 300% increase in profit per job and up to $250/hr return.
  4. Low Risk. Vinyl Renu has restored millions of square feet and been in the field well over a decade. Check out our corporate customer list.
  5. Exclusive Territories Available. Be the only company in your area offering Vinyl Renu™ PRO.

Want to Give it a Try?

Get a free sample by clicking below. Just cover shipping of $8. Try it around your home or office on all types of faded exterior surfaces.

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Benefits of Adding Vinyl Renu to Restore Faded Vinyl Siding to Your Business?

Add Vinyl Renu to your offerings

Increase your profitabiity with simple add-on of Vinyl Renu™ PRO to your offerings.

Increase your revenue NOW: Increase your revenue by at least 300% without additional advertising. You have a data base of happy customers; use it.

Proven Business Model: Pressure washers, painters, siding installers and many other business owners have increased their revenue by at least 300% using Vinyl Renu™ PRO for restoring all types of faded exterior surfaces for homeowners and businesses.

Proven Products: Renu technology and products have been applied to millions of square feet of exterior surfaces with results lasting 7+ years (Vinyl Renu™ PRO was introduced on a large scale over a decade ago) when applied as directed. With proper application, the product could easily last over 10 years.

Highly Profitable: Because of the value added to your customer’s property, most Vinyl Renu™ PRO professionals are able to get a return of $250 per hour or more.

Now Is the Time to Add Vinyl Renu™ PRO To Your Business

5 Gallons Vinyl Renu

Contractor Kit includes 1 Gallon of Renu Cleaner Concentrate FREE!

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You already have the equipment.
You already have a great customer list.
You want to grow your business.

Add Vinyl Renu PRO Now.

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