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The Science: How Renu Products Restore Faded Vinyl Siding and Shutters

Because we are scientists that have developed industry leading faded vinyl siding and shutter restoration products, we are often asked, “Why did my vinyl siding and shutters fade?”  The answer to why vinyl siding or vinyl shutters fade is simple.  All things weather and slowly degrade.  Vinyl siding and shutters are not exempt.  Weathering happens as a result of many factors including ultra violet light, FIR Energy, acid rain, pollution, freeze/thaw and other localized environmental factors.

Why Vinyl Siding Fades

Vinyl Siding: Magnification 5000x

UV and Moisture Degrade Vinyl Siding and Shutters

As vinyl siding and shutters are exposed to moisture, pollution and UV light they begin to break down. This process is called oxidation. Many different polymer types are used in manufacturing new siding and shutters.  The primary ones are PVC, Poly Propylene, and Poly Styrene.  The polymer is what holds the other ingredients in place.  Especially the pigments (including titanium dioxide).  As the vinyl siding or shutters begin to oxidize, the polymers begin to microscopically degrade. In some faded vinyl siding or shutters the pigments may have also begun to degrade. These reactions produce what our eyes perceive as fading.  The by product of the degradation is that the faded vinyl siding will develop a chalky white substance.  This substance is often titanium dioxide, damaged pigments, fillers and polymer.

Most people will clean their faded vinyl siding or clean their shutters every year or two to remove the chalky appearance. The siding looks clean but much of the color is lost. Many people will notice that when their siding gets wet, it looks richer in color. That is because water gives the illusion that the color has been restored.

Microscopic Cracks Disappear restoring and cleaning vinyl siding and vinyl shutters

Vinyl Renu™ Professional Grade Cleaner Concentrate is designed to clean the vinyl siding and clean the shutters of the oxidation, mold, mildew, algae, bug spray, etc. This prepares the surface for Vinyl Renu™ and Shutter Renu™.  Both products use a proprietary reaction process to restore the surface color. This restoration is done on a microscopic level.  Neither product contain pigments or colorants to achieve this step.

Vinyl Renu and Shutter Renu penetrate those microscopic cracks and restore the level surface so that the color is restored. In addition, both products contain the latest high-end technology to help protect the surface from UV rays and most biological growth for years.

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