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Every product starts with an idea to make something in life better. In our case, we wanted to successfully sell our house in a down market. Guess what? We did! This is the Shutter Renu story.

Curb Appeal & Selling Our Home

Our founder’s wife, Madelin Winget, was preparing their home for sale.  This was several years ago after the housing bubble burst and it was very difficult to sell a home. She had read research somewhere showing that improving the curb appeal of a home has the greatest return on investment.

A Breakthrough for Vinyl Shutters And Vinyl Siding

Shutter Renu for Family Homes

The Winget Family
Creators of Shutter Renu™

At the time, OneSource Organics sold a product called Vinyl Renu® to Fortune 500 siding companies for restoring faded vinyl, aluminum and cedar shake siding. She suggested that her husband apply the product to their faded grey shutters. The results were amazing, and the home sold in less than a third of the average on market time*.

Shutter Renu® And Vinyl Renu™ Retail Are Born

So out of Madelin’s problem of faded gray shutters and the beautiful results Shutter Renu® was born. Her next move was to convince her husband to package the product in a consumer-friendly size and make it available to every homeowner who wants to quickly and easily make a dramatic impact on the beauty of their home.

Now both Vinyl Renu™ and Shutter Renu® are available to property owners on our website and on Amazon, Ebay, Bonanza and other places.

Shutter Renu® can be purchased at www.shutterrenu.com.

Thank you Madelin.

*Results may not be typical and a property’s time on market is influenced by many factors.

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